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Craig writes on various topics, including theology, apologetics and worldview, the theology of Jonathan Edwards, the infinite excellence and beauty of God, the Christian life, and culture. He launched Pilgrim’s Rock to boost the believers’ joy, comfort, and faith in Christ and Scripture, and to nurture in believers and their children a God-honoring and intellectually defensible worldview that can thrive in the face of sophisticated attacks of unbelief. In addition to other theology and Bible courses, Craig has taught the Unbreakable Faith course at the seminary, college, church youth and adult Sunday school level.


Craig Biehl

Dr. Craig Biehl


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Worldview Made Simple: The Cause and Importance of Believing and Unbelieving Faith Assumptions

Why did Francis Schaeffer say, ”The floodwaters of secular thought and liberal theology overwhelmed the Church because the leaders did not understand the importance of combating a false set of presuppositions”? This talk helps clarify and simplify the answer.”

How to Develop a Comprehensive and Intellectually Defensible Worldview

Learn how to easily build an intellectually satisfying and defensible biblical worldview on the infinite excellence of God’s perfections, exposing unbelief as built on unreasonable, unscientific, blind faith.”

The Myth of Neutral Science

QuoteEasily learn why brilliant scientists believe unscientific and impossible things. Using biblical principles gleaned from Jonathan Edwards, Francis Schaeffer, and Cornelius Van Til, the complex is made SIMPLE to boost your faith and save you time.”

Faith Building Videos

Are Miracles Reasonable?

Miracles are easy for a God who is unlimited by the laws of the universe He created and sustains.

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Created by God or Evolved by Chance?

Sometimes a picture is worth more than all of the arguments in the world.

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Human Limitations of Atheism: Miracles

As God created, sustains, and owns all things, He owes us nothing and we owe Him everything.

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A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Once upon a time there was a beggar who lived in a shack. A beggar whose heart was so dark it could dull the glow of the brightest star in the heavens. He lived in Jerusalem. Perhaps you have heard…

Vote for Your Neighbor

Vote for Your Neighbor

Directly or indirectly, the policies enacted by the elected officials of local, state, and federal governments affect every aspect of our earthly lives, and the lives of our neighbors. Thus, elections provide believers significant, God-given opportunities to love their neighbors…

Baggage, Responsibility, and the Display of God’s Excellence

Baggage, Responsibility, and the Display of God’s Excellence

We all bear the weight of a boatload of baggage, things of our past that haunt us today. Perhaps you were born into a difficult family, neighborhood, or financial situation. Maybe you have faced severe disappointments or losses, the death…

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